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I'm a hip-hop loving, haute couture enthusiast with strong Hispanic roots and a dirty sailor mouth. Avid referencer of Seinfeld and Eddie Murphy Raw to everyday life. Lover of ruffles and lace with leather combat boots or shoes the height of a stripper heels. Collector of children's toys, random facts, all things shiny. I am wierd, I will admit it but all of this is what makes me Jackie and I would never change it.

**NOTE: I accidently deleted my blog on 1/11/12. I have been under the names of oh-word & lousywithvirginity and will maybe post images or gifs with those tags.


Cloud 9

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Am I an hypocrite? I don't find Lupita stunning, I think she's average. However, in front of white people, I always say she's gorgeous and I take her defense if they say something bad about her looks.


Yeah your full of shit 

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NYPD twitter campaign implodes, flooded with photos of police abuse

Just before 2 pm EDT, the New York City Police Department called via Twitter for photos of citizens with its officers. Almost immediately the campaign #myNYPD seemed to backfire, as users flooded the hashtag with photos decrying alleged police brutality.

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i thought this bitch was like 12


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i hate when a more attractive person has a crush on the same person i do

It’s like performing in a talent show and finding out that Beyonce is going on before you

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I dont remember this episode of All That

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Christian Dior Haute Couture F/W 2009